Monday, June 13, 2005

Top 10 catchers

Since I started doing the Red Sox minor league updates here every week I started to learn some other names and I started gaining more interest in minor league baseball in general. With the help of some of the posters at John Sickle's Minor League Ball I started compiling lists of the top posistion playing prospects out there. If you're just here for Red Sox news today, might as well skip this one. Here's my list of the top ten catching prospects and the numbers that they have up until last Friday. If I knew how to make a nifty little HTML table, I would, but for now you're going to have to settle with some pretty bad formatting. I didn't add any commentary because most comments that I have for the guys would either be taken directly from Baseball America's Prospect Handbook or they would be based on the stats that you can see for yourself.

Name - age/club - AVG/OBP/SLG/R/RBI/2B/3B/HR/SO/BB/SB/CS

1. Brian McCann - 21/ATL - .265/.359/.476/27/26/13/2/6/26/25/2/3 in 166 AB's/48 games in AA. He was recently called up to the big league club.

2. George Kottaras - 22/SD - .299/.385/.433/24/25/13/0/4/34/25/1/1 in 187 AB's/50 games in high-A

3. Kelly Shoppach - 25/BOS - .279/.392/.471/30/28/8/0/11/43/21/0/0 in 140 AB's/40 games in AAA. Just finished up a short stint in Boston.

4. Ryan Doumit - 24/PIT - .345/.415/.630/41/35/11/0/12/36/16/1/3 in 165 AB's/50 games in AAA. Currently in Pittsburg

5. Russ Martin - 22/LAD - .308/.442/.418/35/34/8/0/4/23/37/7/3 in 182 AB's/57 games in AA

6. Kurt Suzuki - 21/OAK - .275/.403/.455/41/23/13/3/5/31/34/3/2 in 189 AB's/51 games in high A

7. Jeff Mathis - 22/LAA - .263/.330/.500/32/27/12/1/8/34/16/2/1 in 160 AB's/43 games in AAA

8. Ryan Garko - 24/CLE - .263/.343/.488/40/31/12/2/10/35/20/0/1 in 205 AB's/56 games in AAA

9. Josh Willingham - 26/FLA - .343/.474/.759/48/47/11/2/18/37/37/4/1 in 166 AB's/50 games in AAA

10. Dioner Navarro - 21/LAD - .300/.414/.429/19/16/6/0/4/13/26/1/2 in 140 AB's/44 games in AAA

The Red Sox representative on this list is, of course, Kelly Shoppach. With his performance this year Shoppach is moving up on a lot of people's lists. He wasn't too impressive in his short big league stint, but his numbers in Pawtucket are very impressive. His defense is another plus that many people seem to like. The only problem is that this year is likely Shoppach's last year on this list. Once he hits the ripe old age of 26 it's going to be harder to consider the guy a prospect. He's wasting away his career in AAA, but as a Sox fan I don't really mind. I don't want to see him moved unless the Red Sox can get a really good deal. It's good for them to have him waiting in case Mirabelli or Tek goes down. Depth is something that the Sox have had a lot of in the last few years and it's something that a rich baseball team really should have.

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