Sunday, June 19, 2005

They could've had yesterday if it wasn't for that meddling bullpen

I think last night showed one thing. John Halama and Alan Embree don't deserve a job. It had been nearly a week since either of them had pitched. In that week the Sox were on fire. They were brought in last night and things fell apart. They were both lucky to have allowed only one run. Embree wasn't horrible because he wasn't left in long enough to screw things up. Halama, on the other hand, came very close to blowing the game wide open. He managed to work himself out of the 1 out, bases loaded jam that he created and escaped the inning with only one loss. The offense, scoring zero runs, was obviously a problem too, but they are not a consistant problem. Embree and Halama, on the other hand, are. The rotation is settling in, for now, the closer is coming around, and the offense never had a problem. The bullpen needs some serious work, however. I think that in all the blind faith we've placed in Theo Epstein, few people have realized that the guy can't build a bullpen. The cast of charactors that he's brought in to pitch out of the bullpen has been pretty bad.

Wanna know what the worst thing about Tivo is? It doesn't record an entire baseball game. I missed out on the bottom of the 9th last night. Luckily nothing happened. I'm going to have to start recording the post-game show just in case the game runs over from now on.

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