Monday, June 20, 2005

A new place to post

As the season has gone on I've been more and more sporadic with my posting. I've even been watching less and less baseball. I do love baseball, but I have the attention span of a five year old and a baseball season is a long time. The only posts I've actually been able to muster the energy for have been minor league posts. That's why I was pretty excited when Randy Booth, from Over the Monster asked me to start writing minor league updates for his site. So now I'll be doing my minor league reports, as well as other minor league related news and notes over there at Over the Monster. I hope to start using this site more for its original purpose. When I first started I wanted Friendly Fenway to mostly be about me and my experiences, thoughts, and opinions on baseball, but it quickly shifted over to mostly a reporting type site. So my posting here will likely get more sporadic and more oriented on me. The bulk of my baseball writing is now going to be at Over the Monster. I already made my first post there today, talking about the Paw Sox.

Nothing's over, I just need something to drink. Errr...I mean, nothing's over. I'm just moving most of my thoughts over to there. The benefits to this is that I get to get more in depth with minor league ball, don't have to post here if I don't want to, and I'll be posting to an audience that's about 5 times bigger than the one I get here. Plus, Randy promised me riches beyond my wildest of dreams! But I don't think he'll come through on that.

I'm going to be taking down the standings, MVP watch, and last 5 games. I haven't really been updating any of them on a regular basis and I think that with this moves, those would become even less up to date.

I saw your commentary on Sickels' site and at Over the Monster, you seem like a pretty knowledgable baseball fan, would you have any interest in joining a baseball simulation league? I run a deep league (30 teams, 50 roster spots/team) and we're looking for a detroit GM. You would have the opportunity to build pretty much from the ground up as we're having a minidraft (9 teams pool their players and draft from the pool) very soon and it's a pretty strong pool. drop me a line at and I can give you more info.
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