Sunday, June 12, 2005

Interleague play has not been kind

I had to leave when the Sox were up 4-0. Carlos Zambrano couldn't find the plate and he was getting hit hard. Trot Nixon and Bill Mueller both went deep and things were looking good. I set the Tivo to record the game and left with a good feeling. Because I had the game recording I didn't want to know what happened. So I avoided the radio. We got back home around 6. The game was still going on past 6 so the Tivo was just about to quit. So I checked out the was 7-4. I sat down just in time to watch the Red Sox attempt a little come back, just to fall short. I don't even want to go back to see how the Sox managed to blow this one. I have no idea how bad Wade Miller pitched and the offense managed to go the entire game up until the 9th without scoring on a struggling starter and a weak bullpen. I'll be happy later in the week when interleague play is over and the Sox are back at home. At the moment it's not all that much fun to watch them play.

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