Saturday, June 04, 2005

Gotta love the Damon heroics

David Wells looked good yesterday except for one inning. There have been a few times this year where he's had a really good game going, but he had that one bad inning that made his whole night look bad. I'm not trying to defend the guy or say that he's been a huge help to the team, but I think he's going to get better and I think he's going to be able to keep the Sox in a few games this year.

Once again Keith Foulke's boxscore looked worse than his actual performance. He did let up a few singles to load the bases, but they were all just ground balls that found holes. He's coming around. I don't know if he'll be the dominant force that he was in last year's playoffs, but I'll just settle on reliable.

Edgar Renteria was finally started to get some support. After a great month of May the fans were starting to warm up to the guy. He's actually even received a few cheers this week. Of course after an 0 for 4 night with 3 k's and one of the worst errors I've ever seen a major leaguer make I think the boo birds might be back. I mean, come on, it was a pop up right to the guy. A pop up that I could've caught. And it dropped right out of his glove. His bat is coming around, but I'm still waiting for that gold glove defense that we've all heard so much about.

How bout them Yanks, eh? Six losses in a row...It's good to see them with a nice losing streak to help cancel out the hot streak they went on.

I am a lifelong Cubs fan who will be visiting Boston for the first time from Saturday June 11th through Thursday June 16th (just in time for the Cubs/Sox series in Chicago!). I want to find a good local (i.e., not chain) bar where I can watch the games with real baseball fans. Any suggestions? Thanks for your thoughts!

As long as I'm asking for information, what are some "don't miss" places for a drink and/or a meal near Fenway? I will catch 2 Sox games in person while I'm in town.

Thanks again!
Just take a walk around Fenway and there are plenty of bars to choose from, all of which will likely be packed with Sox fans during the game. I actually can't remember any of the names off the top of my head, I mostly just know them by site. But there are at least three or four bars within seeing distance of the stadium. My favorite one in Boston within walking distance of Fenway, but it's probably about a mile or so away. here is a link talking about it a bit. It's called the Pour House and it's on Boyleston St, easy to find if you have a map and a decent sense of direction.

Are you staying in a hotel? Do you know what area/section of the city you'll be in?
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