Thursday, June 09, 2005


Jeff over at The House that Dewey Built did a little pre-draft where are they now for the 2004 draftees. If you're wondering how the Sox did with last year's draft, take a look here. Like he said, it's not an in depth analysis, but just a little blurb about each pick and where they're playing at the moment.

As for the 2005 draft, from what I hear the Sox did pretty well. To see a list of who the Sox took, Baseball America has the complete listing for every team. The most in depth analysis of the Red Sox picks that I've seen came from a livejournal user and can be found here.

There's a minor league update that was supposed to be posted yesterday that's still on its way. I guess I just got a little bit lazy with that.

As for the big league club.....even after a win I don't even feel like talking about them. They shouldn't be scuffling this bad. They won't go on a 24-2 run again like they did last year. That doesn't happen for any team every year. That's hard to do. They need to start winning games on a consistant basis and they need to start doing it now.

They are 7-6 against 3 first place teams(& the Yanks). That ain't too bad. At least Fox here in Hartford is showing Sox-Cubson Sat. instead of the Yanks. It better be in HD, unlike the past few games. PeterN
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