Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Cubs

I don't like the Cubs. I don't like how they are compared to the Sox. I don't like how their fans always claimed to have suffered more than Sox fans. I never liked Sammy Sosa, but I guess that point is moot now. I hate Dusty Baker. I don't think they will EVER get 30 starts a piece in the same season from Wood and Prior. Really, I just all around don't like that team and I really wish that people would stop referring to them and their fans as cousins to Red Sox Nation. Both teams have been around awhile, they both have old stadiums, and until last year they had both gone a while without a World Series victory. That's about all they have in common. The Red Sox have typically always been a good team. They won the games, they just never went all the way. The Cubs have always just sucked. The Red Sox have an intelligent front office running their team. The Cubs don't. Boston fans are die-hard, faithful fans who stick with the team through thick and thin. Cubs fans flock to the stadium because, really, what the hell else is there to do in Illinois? I think I've grown bitter over the last few days watching the Red Sox suck it up and reading some Cub fans' comments that pissed me off. So maybe that's affecting my judgement. But I really don't like the Cubs. And they are in no way "cousins" to the Sox.

Soxaholix agrees.

The Sox are starting to develope a little pattern it seems. They start off a series with two embarrassing wins before a strong pitching performance allows them to keep a little bit of dignity. On paper tomorrow should break that trend. Matt Clement takes on Eric Milton and the Reds. That is the definition of an easy win. So chances are good that the Sox will blow it.

In roster movement news, Doug Mirabelli is back and as expected, Kelly Shoppach's stay with the team is over.

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