Sunday, May 01, 2005

That's what I like to see

I can't give you any in depth analysis because I didn't get a chance to see the game, but the boxscore tells a pretty good story.

- Kevin Youkilis was just starting to get a little hot in Pawtucket and now here he is, back in Boston and starting thanks to Mark Bellhorn being the latest victim of the team's flu bug. Not only did Youk start, but he collected 3 hits.

- Bill Mueller, starting at second, reached base five times and scored thrice thanks mostly to four walks. That's a pretty impressive little performance.

- Kevin Millar and Edgar Renteria continued their season long struggle going a combined 1-10. Millar still hasn't homered this year. In fact just about the only thing he is doing is walking. His on base percentage isn't bad, but he's not much help to the team if his bat doesn't have at least a little bit of pop to it. His numbers have been declining over the last couple of years while his weight has been increasing so I suppose it doesn't come as much of a surprise. I'm still hoping for better out of him though. In both of his years as a member of the team he has had one ice cold half and one red hot half. I guess, just like last year, he's saving his performance for the second half of the year. As for Renteria, I still hate him a lot less than most of the rest of Red Sox Nation. I think he'll come around. His decent numbers at Fenway give me a little bit of hope.

- The biggest news of the day was the continued excellent performances of Jason Varitek, Johnny Damon, and Bronson Arroyo. All three had great years for the team last year, but a lot of people had doubts that those seasons could be repeated. So far all three are off to a hot start. Damon hit his first homer of the year, but his extra base power is there with 8 doubles not to mention that he's hitting .365 with a .404 obp. Once again he's performing like one of the game's top leadoff men. Varitek is busy quietting those who felt his contract was for too much money. He hit his 6th homer which leaves him on pace to smack 42! I realize he's probably not capable of such a feat, but an impressive start is still an impressive start. Arroyo pitched 7 very effective innings to go to 3-0 on the year. With half the staff on the DL, Arroyo's presence in the rotation has been a huge boost to the team. If all 6 of the Red Sox starters ever find themselves healthy at the same time, it's going to be very hard for Franconna to banish Arroyo to the bullpen.

- And speaking of bullpens...a 1-2-3 innning by Keith Foulke??? That's what I like to see!

- Those of you that base your week around my MVP/Cy Young updates are going to have to wait a little longer this week. Tomorrow night I'll be heading to bed nice and early because on Monday I'll be up before the crack of dawn for a little work related training. Because of that I won't have time to do any updating so looking for that update on Monday evening.

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