Sunday, May 15, 2005

Streaks, Milestones, and Links

Just a quick little post in case someone out there doesn't know. Manny Ramirez hit his 9th homer of the season last night to make 399 for his career. The next shot he hits will be his 400th. He's tied for 39th on the all-time list with his total.

As for streaks, Johnny DamonL went 0 for 5 last night breaking his hit streak leaving the longest hit streak on the team to Edgar Renteria with 10 games. Damon is third in the league in AVG and second in hits and is putting together a season much better than anyone thought he would. The question is, if he keeps up this pace and finishes the year with a fantastic season, do the Sox give him the 4 year deal that he wants? During his streak Renteria is 14 for 45. I'd be a little more optimistic about him finally breaking out of his season long slump if he had more than just one extra base hit in that time.

Evan Brunell breaks down Manny's slump to show us that it's not really that much of a slump. While he seems to think that Manny is done against lefties, I have a feeling it's just a case of a small sample size and that Manny will start crushing them any time now. But it is nice to see that Manny is still the same old Manny against righties. Either way, we all know that Manny is just one of his blazing hot streaks away from righting his season entirely.

Marc Normandin is expanding once again. He started off with the now defunct Baseball Ranting before expanding to a few weeks at Heads/Tails. He's now moved on to Beyond the Boxscore and started a blog that I'm really looking forward to, Sox on Deck. His latest post talks about a few Paw Sox players that he observed for the first time in his first game at Pawtucket. It also mentioned something that I hadn't heard about yet. Roberto Petagine is off the DL and played his first game for the Paw Sox. I was happy with the Petagine signing in the offseason and was looking forward to seeing him play, but because of his injury I mostly forgot about him. If he plays well in Pawtucket it would be nice to have his bat off the bench backing up Millar at first.

We'll have to catch a PawSox game at some point Brian and talk some Sox
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