Monday, May 09, 2005

A quick major league week in review to make up for a lack of posts

It's been a while since I actually talked about a major league game here. This blog has taken on almost a minor league type of feel which is not what I'm going for at all. It's just that blogging about the minor league system is the easier way for me to keep up with it and I don't want to relax on that because it won't be long before I don't know what's going on. Tonight I'll do a quick recap of the Red Sox week, but I won't be including links to the player's ESPN profile. Why? Mostly because I can't seem to get to ESPN at the moment. Also, if anyone actually looks for my updated MVP/Cy Young race, I'll be skipping that this week. I'm on a foreign computer (the girlfriend's laptop) in a foreign place (western Connecticut) for job training. I was hoping this would be a nice relaxing week of watching baseball, but I don't even get NESN in this hotel! So I'll be without the Sox all week. At least I can watch them through's game day feature.

The Sox have been hot lately and it's been a little while since I've had to use the words ugly and mediocre to describe them. They've had their bad moments, of course, like Cla Meredith's major league career and Edgar Renteria's bruised finger, but for the most part they've been cruising right along taking 2 of 3 from Texas, 3 of 4 from Detroit, and 2 of 3 from Seattle. Picking on the lesser teams is how the Red Sox are going to make a run at 100 wins this year and so far they've been doing a decent job with that.

With Curt Schilling and David Wells down, the Sox have had to rely on a patch work rotation to get the job done and the team has really stepped up and done much more than anyone could ask for. Tim Wakefield, who is on the mound as I type this, and Bronson Arroyo have been amazing so far this year and both won their start last week. Wakefield did let up 10 hits and 3 runs, but pitched 7 solid innings to get the win against Detroit and Arroyo pitched a 3 hit beauty against Detroit going 8 innings allowing only one run on a solo shot by Carlos Guillen. The two healthy guys left over from last year's rotation have carried this team's pitching so far this year. They were expected to be solid 4 and 5 guys, but have exceeded expectations in every way possible. Matt Clement, despite mixed feelings from most of Red Sox Nation has produced this year, still hasn't lost a game, and his last start was one of his best so far in a Red Sox uniform. Jeremi Gonzalez and John Halama, the two fill ins, did plenty to keep the team in the game in their three starts combined. Gonzalez apparently impressed enough that he remained with the team when Lenny Dinardo and Blaine Neal went down. If he performs at this level all year he'll be a solid long man out of the pen. Wade Miller...well, the jury is still out on him, but many hopes and dreams rest on that man's shoulder.

Keith Foulke has still been a little shaky, but he seems to be settling down a little bit. To quote a caller on WEEI, they've been pronouncing the guy's title wrong all year. He's not the team's "closer". His job is to come in and make the game a little bit "closer". As in a closer score. The bullpen has had its bad moments with Embre's bad game, Neal's deserved demotion, and Cla Meredith, but in general it hasn't been bad. It's been another solid aspect of the team.

On the offensive side of the ball, all I have to say is Kevin Youkilis. I'm probably way too high on this guy, but he's hitting. Since he came back from Pawtucket he's been in six games and he is 8 for 21. He was held hitless in one of those games and he still managed to walk twice that night. Francona really needs to find ways to get this guy in the line up every damn day.

I started this post a couple of hours ago and now tonight's game is coming to an end. Meredith, unfortunately, got hammered again. I think he's going to be finding his way to Pawtucket real soon. Besides that, the game was all Sox. I really wish I had been able to see it.

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