Monday, May 16, 2005

Not what we expected...

So much for an easy series for the Sox to extend their hot streak, eh? Dropping two out of three to the Mariners is not what the Red Sox were expecting, but baseball is like that. To quote the old saying, that's why the play the games.

Baseball is a game where a guy can just get unlucky. It's a game where a series of unfortunate events can happen back to back to back and before you know it, things are looking grim. It's also the kind of game where if you take out one piece of the puzzle, things can look incredibly different. In Sunday evening's game Seattle's second inning was a case of both of those happening. If you took out the struggles that Time Wakefield was having in that inning, he pitched a beautiful game and he would've had the win. You can't do that, of course, but it'd be nice if you could. The funny thing is that he wasn't even struggling. Only two of the balls in that inning were hit hard. Randy Winn and Willie Bloomquist both hit line drive doubles into the outfield, but Wakefield didn't walk a batter and the other three hits consisted of two weak hit grounders and a bloop single into shallow right. One of the runs scored on a groundout and the first out of the inning was a very weak ball hit back to the mound. Seattle didn't have Wakefield's number that inning. They were struggling. It just so happens that they were getting lucky. The only thing I fault Wakefield with last night is the fact that he was somehow unable to get Miguel Olivo out. The guy was on something like an 0 for 24 streak entering the game and ended up going 3 for 4 in the game with a homer. I guess even the lowest dog has his day. Baseball is like that too.

There was good news about Sunday's game. Plenty of good news. Wakefield wasn't as bad as his numbers suggest, but the biggest news of the day was Manny Ramirez and his 400th career home run. A huge congratulations goes out to him. Some say that he's struggling this year, but you could always just say that it's just Manny being Manny.

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