Saturday, May 14, 2005

Couldn't last forever...

Well, I suppose no one really expected Jeremi Gonzalez to be solid forever. Seven runs over 3.1 IP is bad enough, but the fact that he was hammered that hard against the Mariners just added insult to injury. I think we have no witnessed both ends of the spectrum from Gonzalez. He has shown us solidly mediocre and absolutely dreadful. Perhaps they should send him down before he causes anymore harm. He was pitching well in Pawtucket and, best case, he could at least help the Pawtucket team as they try to remain out of the International League cellar. John Halama came on in relief and was just as bad. No one was expecting Halama to be really impressive this year, but I think we were all hoping for a little more than what he's given us so far. He had a good stretch of relief work at the begining of the season and his spot start was pretty solid, but his ERA is up to 6.50 after tonight's shellacking. He's just not missing enough bats so far this season.

The game started off looking interesting. I love the ping pong, back and forth offensive games, especially when the Sox starter getting bombed isn't someone in the season long plans. But the Red Sox stopped scoring and the Mariners...well, they didn't. Mark Bellhorn hit his first homer of the season. Here's hoping that's the start of a trend. I knew he hadn't hit a homer yet this yeaer, but when you actually hear it said outloud it just sounds that much more worse. Even he and Trot Nixon couldn't keep the Sox afloat for long. I'm about to head to bed after this post and the Sox are down 14-6.

I assume Cla Meredith's stint in the majors will be over when David Wells comes off the DL, which is supposed to be pretty soon. Meredith was hit hard for the third time in his three chances and I think, for now, he's run out of chances. It's past time to put this little expiriment to rest and let Meredith get in some work at AAA. The jump was far too much for him at such a young age.

Damon walks, Payton doubles with 1 out in the 8th. Maybe the Sox are making a comeback! I know I'm not waiting up for it.

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