Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sox win, Yanks don't, Francona feeling fine

So the Sox are 0-2 with Francona, but 2-0 with the skipper hospitalized...That's it! Fire the man!

Francona was released from the hospital yesterday and the news looks good. The doctors found no problem with his heart and believe the problem was just a viral illness. Francona will use the rest of the weekend to rest before joining the team on Monday for the home opener.

While the manager was away tonight, the Sox held off the Jays and won the game 6-5. Keith Foulke did everything in his power to blow the save, getting hit hard again, but managed to record the save. In one inning of work he allowed 3 hits, 2 earned runs, and a walk. The good news is that Bronson Arroyo allowed those same numbers, but he spread his line across six solid innings for the win. Johnny Damon stole the first base of the year for the Sox, Mark Bellhorn struck out two more times (now on pace for 364 k's!), and Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek both added homers.

In more good news, if you though David Wells was bad in his debut with a new team take a look at Jaret Wright's debut for the Yankees. With a final score of 12-5 you -know- that guy didn't pitch well. Once we get Curt Schilling back I still say we have a better rotation than the bad guys.

Hey Brian, I posted the projected Yankees' starters ERA from my own projections, PECOTA, and ZiPS as a post today, as well as a hypothetical Sox prospect team. You should check it out...also, your inclusion of Jaret Wright's demise last night against Baltimore inspired me releasing those projections.
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