Thursday, April 07, 2005

So we're 1-2. Not exactly the way we all envisioned the first series against the Yankees (who are appently being called CFY or Choking-Fucking-Yankees across the internet world now) to go. No worries though. I try not to be the type that looks at the what-ifs and what-might-have-beens, but with this series it was hard. Because think of it this way...We were pretty much one Curt Schilling and one clean played DP by Edgar Renteria away from sweeping that series. There were a couple of really good games in there and we were without our ace. I think the Sox did fine.

Looking ahead to the weekend, we'll be rolling into Toronto and there's no way the Sox will settle for 1 game out of 3 up there.

Game 1 : Bronson Arroyo vs. David Bush
Game 2 : David Wells vs. Roy Halladay
Game 3 : Matt Clement vs. Ted Lilly

The Sox should be able to take 2 out of 3 this weekend and if Wells decides to show up on Saturday we could sweep. In addition to seeing the Sox win 2 of 3 I want to see Kevin Youkilis play 2 out of 3 games. I'm still not sure why Dave McCarty was put into the game yesterday ahead of Youk, but I'm hoping it doesn't happen again. Youk could start on Friday at first, giving Kevin Millar an extra day to recover from his little cramp. And then on Saturday Youk could take over at third so that Bill Mueller doesn't go three straight games on the turf with his knees. I want Youkilis to get 400 at bats this year and so far after 3 games we haven't seen a glimpse of him.

On a side note, while doing some yard work shoveling some fertilizer I asked Kellen a question. What's the difference between David Wells and this pile of shit? The pile of shit didn't balk.

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