Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Schilling goes tonight

In a game that could set the tone for the rest of the season, Curt Schilling takes the mound. If Schilling pitches the way he can, all will be well in Red Sox Nation. If he pitches the way he did last week for the Pawtucket Red Sox, those who are already in a panic after a 3-4 start will be jumping off bridges. Schilling says that he feels good and says that he is ready. He wasn't happy with the final results of his minor league game, but he was happy with the way he felt. Personally I would like to see him go one more start for the Paw Sox just to make sure that he really is ok before pitching in a game that counts. But I think he'll do ok tonight.

There is even more good news about the game tonight besides the fact that Schilling is starting. The weather looks decent, although a bit cold for a ballgame, after a questionable forecast earlier in the week. The best news though is that Jaret Wright takes the mound for the Yankees. Wright was shelled in his first outing of the year and many, including myself, are expecting a lot of the same all year. By the end of the year the Yankees will see that they made a huge mistake and that Wright was a one year wonder.

Game starts tonight at 7. I'll be following it from work.

As for the whole jersey contraversy that Harold Reynolds and John Kruk made're kidding me, right? The baseball season is in full swing! You guys don't have to make up stories to keep busy. There was no issue during the ceramony. Derek Lowe and Dave Roberts wearing a Red Sox jersey for the ring ceramony is not, in any shape or form, an issue.

It wasn't even a real Red Sox jersey. It was a ceremonial jersey worn only for the passing of the rings. They didn't even wear it during the game. Besides, everyone brings up Lowe and Roberts, what about Yankee farmhand Ramiro Mendoza wearing a Sox jersey. That was funny and almost deserving of being angry about.
I wouldn't be shocked if Curt gets roughed up once or twice before he gets back into his familiar groove. So I won't get all that upset if he isn't sharp tonight. Still, 7 innings of 2 hit, 9 K pitching would suit me just fine. :-)
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