Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Off to Baltimore

In 6 hours I'll be landing in Baltimore and 24 hours after that I'll be attending my first baseball game that didn't take place in Fenway or Yankee Stadium. I've never seen a modern park before. If things stay the way they are I'm on pace to see the two new guys, Matt Clement and David Wells on Wednesday and Thursday.

I probably won't get a chance to post here until I get back on Saturday, but when I am back I'll probably have some pictures and a better perspective on the old Fenway vs. new Fenway debate.

Edited to add - The Sox have reached an agreement with Time Wakefield that could make him a Red Sox until the end of his career. The terms of the deal still haven't been released, but Wakefield is guaranteed a deal in 2006 and the club has an option every year after that. As long as they keep excercising their option, they will have an option for the next year. So, in other words, until Wakefield decides that he's done with baseball, the Sox can hold on to him. Wake's been with the franchise for a very long time and I'm glad that he'll be around for a little while longer.

I see that you're a big red sox fan, so i am. Too bad i live in Milwaukee, I've never had a chance to see a game in person. My dream someday is to visit Fenway.
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