Friday, April 29, 2005

More minor league updates

I usually do minor league updates on Monday night/Tuesday mornings, but since the big league club has a couple of days off and there has been a few things of note in the minors, I figured I'd give them a mention.

Wade Miller started for the Paw Sox last night and put up 5 pretty solid innings. He only struck out 3 and wasn't really overpowering, but he didn't allow a run. He'll likely only need one more start in Pawtucket before being able to take a turn in the Boston rotation in a week and a half. Looks like Jeremi Gonzalez, who the Sox apparently have decided on to start Tuesday's game, won't be in the majors long.

Miller's game was a 1-0 pitcher's duel. The only run of the game came off the bat of Kelly Shoppach, who is pounding the ball in Pawtucket. He's one of the few bright spots on a fairly mediocre AAA team. Last night was his 7th homer of the year to plate the only run in the game. His average is still a little low at .278, but compared to last year's .233 and put on the side of a .722 SLG it's not all that bad. If Jason Varitek or Doug Mirabelli go down with an injury I'd be happy to see Shoppach get a turn in Boston.

The Wilmington Blue Rocks lost their game on Tuesday, but it was more due to a lack of offense and a shoddy bullpen than the starter, Anibal Sanchez. Sanchez went 6 strong innings letting up 2 runs, only 1 earned. He struck out 7 while not walking a single batter bringing his k/bb ratio for the year to an eye popping 35/1. Dustin Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez are getting all the love, but Sanchez is quickly becoming my favorite Sox farm hand and I had never even heard of him until this spring. Hell, I've only seen him pitch once and that was a spring training game that I watched in a noisy bar. This guy is showing that he's capable of great things.

I've been going through some minor league stats lately and I was going to talk about a few early stand-outs, but it's getting to be past my bed time. So maybe I'll post about that before I head off to work.

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