Sunday, April 17, 2005

Manny 6/Tampa Bay 2

We've waited ten games for this and finally it happened. Manny Ramirez broke out. Manny homered twice and knocked in all 6 runs as the Sox beat the Rays 6-2. Both were line drive shots over the monster, the first clearing everything and the second, a grand slam, landing in the stands. It's good to see Manny being Manny. Matt Clement pitched essentially the same game that he's been pitching so far this year only this time he pitched it against the Devil Rays. He threw a lot of pitches and got deep into the count. I wasn't counting, but it seemed like he had a lot of full counts. The difference is that he has the stuff to make bad hitters look bad. And TB has quite a few bad hitters. He went 7 for his longest and best outing of the year to get his first win.

The Yankees, meanwhile, have fallen to 4-7. It's their worst start in quite a while. That's always good to see.

Can you think of a weirder way to end a game? Rich Harden and Jarrod Washburn both pitched one hell of a game keeping it scoreless through 8 before the bullpens took over. In the bottom of the tenth Nick Swisher scored from first...on a bunt. The beauty of baseball is that no matter how many games are played, you never see the same game twice and you still haven't seen everything.

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