Monday, April 11, 2005

Is it too early to talk about MVP and Cy Young yet?

It's the first Sunday after the first full week of baseball. So it's the first time I updated my weekly sidebar updates. All year I'll be tracking the AL Cy Young and AL MVP. The race will go as I see it. Obviously for the first couple of months of the season it's not going to be an accurate list. Guys will get off to ice cold or red hot starts. No namers will be pounding the ball and hall of famers will be whiffing left and right. And on the other side, it's hard to rank pitchers based on 2 starts. So I kept both lists to guys that have an actual shot of being there at the end of the year. That's why I'm not going to list Tony Graffanino or Jorge Cantu no matter how hot a start that they get off to. This is obviously just for fun. Here's how I see it after one week of play. This week Curt makes it based on name recognition alone since there wasn't much to go with.

  • Ichiro .478/.538/.522/7/0/1/3
  • Ortiz .435/.480/.870/5/2/6/0
  • Young .375/.444/.958/9/3/7/0
  • Jeter .435/.552/.609/7/1/2/2
  • Matsui .348/.385/.783/6/3/8/0
  • Konerko .333/.391/.810/4/3/6/0
  • Tejada .375/.444/.417/5/0/5/0
  • Crawford .250/.269/.458/3/1/5/4

  • Johnson 1-0/12/13/3/10/3.75

  • Lopez 2-0/14/13/3/10/0.64

  • Santana1-0/12/12/2/17/4.50

  • Bonderman1-1/13/13/5/11/5.54

  • Halladay1-0/13/16/1/9/4.85

  • Buehrle1-1/15/9/4/7/3.00

  • Clement0-0/10/11/8/10/4.35

  • Curt Schilling0-0/0/0/0/0/0.00

  • Every Sunday night you should see the same thing here.

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