Wednesday, April 06, 2005

First win of the year

The first win of the year is always a beautiful thing. Tim Wakefield has become the ace of this young season and Fruit Bat proves once again that the Sox have his number. The offense was a little shaky up until the ninth inning. The Sox were getting on base in droves but thanks to double plays, a caught stealing, and good ol' fashioned leaving runners on they weren't scoring. Many Sox fans were complaining about this last year but it's not an issue. It never will be an issue. The more guys the Sox get on base, the better, even if they leave them stranded. Sooner or later those guys are going to get home. The best part of the game was obviously the 9th. Alex Rodriguez had a chance to minimize the damage if only he could have made a play on a routine grounder. Instead of what could have been an easy double play, everyone was safe, and the Red Sox went on to score five in the inning. Kevin Millar was 3 for 3 before leaving the game with a cramp and is on fire to start the season. Edgar Renteria broke out of his slump with two hits. The bullpen, although a little wild, was decent. Keith Foulke did leave a few balls up in the zone again today resulting in some hard hit balls to the outfield, but he pitched a scoreless inning.

The only bad news on the day is that Terry Francona was hospitalized with chest pains earlier in the day. Nothing has been determined yet, but I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about.

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