Monday, April 25, 2005

a few random notes

- Updated the Cy Young and MVP sidebar. Brian Roberts is still the man despite a slow week and Jamie Moyer has been surprising everyone now that he has aparently forgotten all about last year and has gone right back to his 20 game winning ways.

- There was one major snub that was pointed out to me in last week's Cy Young race and it has been corrected this week. Rich Harden has only started three games so far this season, but in those three he has only allowed one run. If the A's ever figure out how to score a run or two they're going to be a dangerous team.

- David Ortiz didn't just hit three home runs in Tampa Bay. He hit three HOME RUNS. He wasn't fooling around with any of those three. One was about 430 to right-center. One was over 450 to right and nearly hit the back of the stadium. I didn't hear a measurement for the one he hit on Sunday, but it was another hell of a shot. That guy is not fooling around.

- Good news has been slim for Edgar Renteria, but there is one bright spot in his season so far. The guy loves Fenway park. His .209/.277/.209 line as a visitor is pretty pathetic and not what the Red Sox are paying $10 million a year for. His line at Fenway, however, is a little bit better. Every one of his extra base hits (3 doubles, 2 homers, and a triple) have come at home and he has a .281/.303/.625 line.

- It's funny in a kinda sad sort of way that I get a lot of hits to my site thanks to mispelled words. People will put a funky spelling into google or another search bar and they'll come to my site because I also spelled the word wrong. I always forget about the spell check, but I'm really going to have to make an effort to remember.

- Speaking of mistakes, the sidebar shows up fine on my computer. But I've noticed when I check on someone else's computer it can be a little screwed up. How does it look to everyone? Does anyone know how I can fix how it shows up other than asking everyone to maximize their browser?

- Still haven't had much time to catch up with the baseball world and I'm still on vacation schedule. No staying up til 4am for me tonight, I'm about to crash.

Hey Brian, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip...the RLWHF is complete! Woo! Check it out buddy...
I finally finished the initial Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame, with 268 total members (I didn't even overshoot the real Hall of Fame by 10 guys, how about that?)
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