Friday, April 08, 2005

a few bits of news

Good news for Terry Francona. There still don't seem to be too many details about his condition, but it has been confirmed that it wasn't a heart attack and that the test results are coming back good. Still no word on when he'll rejoin the team, but it appears as if he'll be ok.

I caught the second inning of Curt Schilling's rehab start for Pawtucket and I almost wish I hadn't. He let up a home run in the first to give Indianapolis a 1-0 lead and was just plain bad when I watched him. His splitter hit the dirt a couple of times, he was hit hard, and every batter was putting wood on the ball. The only things that made the inning easier for him was a questionable bunt attempt with two strikes that went foul, resulting in an out and a rocket of a throw by Kelly Shoppach to catch a runner trying to steal second. He threw 104 pitches, lasted six innings and was knocked around for 11 hits, 7 earned runs, and two homers allowed. Pawtucket ended up losing the game 7-5. Schilling says that he felt great, but was obviously dissapointed. He still plans on making his 2005 debut this week against the Yankees.

Speaking of Schilling, this article tries to make a case that he belongs in the hall of fame. I'm still not really convinced and I don't think the writer changed my mind at all. He's definately going to be a border liner, especially if he has a couple more years like he had in 2004.

'I can live with the business part of it, not being able to afford me, or thinking I'm not that good, but I cannot understand the part where you mistreat my name, or mistreat what I did for the city of Boston because they have to build another image of me,'.....Pedro says the Sox can keep his World Series ring, eh? Screw him. I'll miss the Pedro we had a few years ago. The guy that could bring it. The guy that wasn't spouting ridiculous fucking comments every five minutes. I will not miss the asshole he's turned into. I will take 35 outings of David Wells getting shelled over that guy and his mouth. Does he honesetly believe that Boston mistreated him? NEVER did the Red Sox mistreat him. They bent over backwards giving the guy anything he could think to ask for. He got special treatment from managment and from the fans. He did what he wanted when he wanted and we didn't mind. He was Pedro. The Sox made every effort to sign the guy. The Mets decided to make a foolishly large offer and the Sox let them make their mistake. When Pedro stabbed Red Sox Nation in the back by going for the money, I hoped that his arm fell off. Now I believe that fate is too good for him. Here's hoping he falls into some industrial farm equipment. And when he makes it to the Hall, I hope he's wearing an Expos hat. I realize the quote has probably been taken out of context and I'm probably reacting a lot stronger to it than I should, but really, every time this guy opens his mouth something asinine comes out.

I can't be angry at Pedro. Everytime Pedro says something bad...I just think of Game 5 of the ALDS in 1999...and then I just can't bring myself to be angry! Damn the greatest peak in the history of pitching! As for the Schilling HOF argument, I agree with Bill James methods for it a lot more than I agree with the actual HOF standards...Bert Blyleven and Ron Santo are not in, Tim Raines might not get in because the writers already let Molitor and will let Rickey Henderson in, and now I fear for Bobby Abreu's candidacy when he retires with the lack of an MVP during his peak (which keeps extending itself and getting better by the way). So yeah, I like James' theory, which seems to favor Schilling. Not to mention Baseball References HOF scores see him making it.
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