Friday, April 15, 2005

catching up with two games, a demotion, and a rehab start

So we lost the game we should have won and won the game we should have lost. Curt Schilling looked good at first, but just didn't have it all working for him in the later innings. That's pretty much why I thought he should have had another start in the minors. But he didn't do all that bad and I'm sure everything will be ok with him for the remainder of the season. What did surprise me is how quiet Jaret Wright kept the bats. The Sox should've knocked that guy all over the place. The Sox did end up knocking Randy Johnson though. And it's a good thing because Bronson Arroyo pitched like shit. Keith Foulke also didn't look very good. I'm starting to worry about him. It's still early, but he's struggled in nearly every appearence so far.

As for the Gary Sheffield incident...well, the fan was a complete moron, Sheffield reacted in the same way anyone would have when he believes he's attacked, and let's just leave it at that.

To make room for Schilling on the roster, Kevin Youkilis was sent down. I don't agree with this. I've already stated that I'm a pretty big fan of Youkilis and I want to see him get a lot of at bats this year. Youkilis has already said it himself...he's not a kid anymore. He doesn't have all that much to learn in the minors. What he still has to learn, he will learn in the big leagues. Sure, it'll be nice for him to get to play every day, but with a little manuevering he could be getting a lot of at bats in the bigs. The first comment made to this article does make a good point though. I agree with what the poster said about how 12 pitchers is too many for any team to carry. But the commenter made a lot of sense. Right now the Sox are just looking to see what they have. They want to take a good look at the 12 pitchers on the roster to see who will be around come October. And I also agree with the point that he makes about the bench. The Red Sox won't be using very many bench players because they have a very solid starting 9 and there's no need to bring in replacements on most nights. So a four man bench is adequate. The point remains, however, that Youk deserves a spot on the club.

Wade Miller made his first rehab start earlier in the week. He went 4.2 innings giving up 2 ER on 1 BB and 4 H. Not bad for a guy pitching for the first time since last year. It was only against A level hitters, but it is a good sign. And now that he's made his first rehab start he'll be with the big league club in less than 30 days.

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