Saturday, April 16, 2005

10-0 has a nice ring to it

This is the way it's supposed to be. Trade blows with the Yanks then beat down the lesser teams. Things looked good all the way around against the D-Rays tonight. The club took advantage of some wild TB pitching to get on base 7 times via the walk. Edgar Renteria is starting to come around with some extra base hits and nice plays in the field. John Halama and Matt Mantei combined for two innings only letting up one hit and no runs between the two of them. And best of all, David Wells pitched a beauty.

On a somewhat scary note, Mark Bellhorn has played in ten games so far this year. He has exactly as many walks as he has games without a K. Three. And in all seven games that he's struck out, he's struck out at least twice. I don't mind the K's when he's walking his way around the bases, but if he doesn't make it to first then his strikeouts become a problem. Will he struggle this year as many people think that he will? I hope not. He did have a good game tonight. It's far too early to give up on the guy, of course, but he's someone that many in Red Sox Nation aren't stat-savy enough to like in the first place.

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