Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Well, to paraphrase from the post game show this loss was a lot more heartbreaking, but we can take a lot more good from it.

- Matt Clement pitched like shite. That wasn't what I was envisioning after I worked him up so much in my head. He did work himself out of a few tough jams...but then again he got himself into those tough jams. His line doesn't read as bad as David Wells, but he was constantly behind in the count and he hit 91 pitches in less than five innings of work. He'll get'em next time I suppose.

- The bullpen looked good until Keith Foulke left a few balls up in the zone. The one thing that I'm concerned about is that Francona seems to be using the hook to early for the relievers. When your starter comes out early like the Sox starter has in both of the first two games then why not use your long relief guy for a bit longer? Instead of using every pitcher we have available why not let John Halama go a bit longer?

- I've already been hearing a lot of people getting on Francona for not putting in Jay Payton to face Mike Stanton in the 7th. Trot Nixon looked silly up there against a lefty before grounding into a weak double play to end the inning. The way I see it, if Trot comes out so does Stanton so I'm not too upset over that managerial move. I've also heard plenty of people get down on Johnny Damon for not trying harder to break up that double play but I didn't actually see that part. I was too busy looking for something to hit after Nixon's pathetic little stab at the ball.

- Edgar Renteria? Well....he'll get better.

It was a tough loss, but the bullpen did good, the offense managed 11 hits (although only got 1 walk and 3 runs to go along with it), and the game was close. It was a great game and it was great to have an afternoon of baseball. So I don't think there's anything here to complain about. Yeah, I realize I just spent this whole post complaining. But that ain't the point!

Tomorrow afternoon the Yanks go for the sweep throwing Mike Mussina out there against Tim Wakefield. Let's hope that knuckler is dancing.

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