Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sox win and six players head to the minors as we're one day closer...

Top Sox prospects Hanley Ramirez and Kelly Shoppach were both sent to the minors yesterday along with four other players. Forty-three players remain in camp for the Sox. Shoppach could see some time this year if either Jason Varitek or Doug Mirabelli head to the DL, but Ramirez is going to play in Pawtucket before likely getting a call-up in September.

The Red Sox beat the Marlins 5-3 yesterday in a televised game. I'm not around on the weekends so I don't get to watch most spring training games. And yesterday I completely forgot that the game was on tv. So once again, I missed out on watching baseball. What did I miss? David Wells allowed three first inning runs, but settled down for three scoreless innings after that. He said that he wasn't winded at all and still had the stamina to go a couple more innings. Another couple of outings and he'll be ready to go nine. Jay Payton is on fire this spring and continued that with a home run in the game. Gabe who?

I've added a new site to the side bar. Longing to once again see Fenway? Want to see that beautiful green grass? Curious to see what it looks like at this very moment? Then check out this Fenway Cam.

In non-Sox related news, it appears as if Roberto Alomar is set to retire. I realize now that Almoar has always had an attitude problem (his spitting on the ump incident comes to mind), but he was a favorite of mine in the 90's. I played in a fantasy baseball league for the first time in '92 when I was only 12 years old. Alomar was one of the main reasons why a 12 year old's team steamrolled over my father, grandfather, and seven of their friends. I hope that Alomar makes it into the hall and I fully believe that he deserves it although I fear that voters may remember his last few years instead of his 12 All-Star games and 10 gold gloves. The guy was fun to watch and fun to have on a fantasy team. If he does decide to retire, then in five years, I'll be campaigning for the guy.

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