Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Sox are winning, Schilling is feeling good, and Mike Myers is back

John Halama got the win in a 7-2 victory over the Yankees yesterday. The two teams split the spring training series this year and are about ready to start the first of 19 match-ups in only a few days. To me as you get closer to something it gets harder to wait. The last half hour of work drag by. The last half hour of work on a Friday night are the worst. And the next few days before the season actually starts are going to seem like an eternity. I don't care about spring games anymore. No one cares. It's time for the season to start. We're ready. Red Sox Nation needs some baseball.

'I threw a warmup pitch, and it was right. Everything was right.' Curt Schilling is nearly ready. In a minor league game yesterday Schilling was roughed up a little bit in the first inning. Then, before the second inning started, everything clicked for the ace. He then went on to go four more innings allowing only two baserunners and no more runs. He threw 69 pitches and 54 of them were strikes. This is the first time this spring that Schilling was happy with how he pitched. Not only did he feel good, health-wise, but he felt good pitch wise. He had command of his stuff. Schilling is targeting April 13th, a game against the Yankees at Fenway, as his return date which means he'll miss only one turn in the rotation.

If the Red Sox wanted to have Mike Myers on the team then why didn't they just re-sign him? Perhaps we will never know the answer to that question. What we do know is that Myers is back on the team after the Sox sent 20 year old speedster Carlos De La Cruz and 23 year old lefty Kevin Ool to the Cardinals to bring Myers back to the team. Myers is old and rather mediocre, but his deceptive delivery and ability to get out lefties could land him a spot on the roster. That means that Byung Hyun Kim might not have a job after all.

While cruising through Red Sox blogs the other night I came across a link to this site. I'd like to reiterate the point that the writer of that blog already made....If anyone and I do mean anyone tries to wave one of those things around at Fenway you will be beat to a bloody pulp and then made to eat that fucking sock.

The good news about the Myers trade, even though I am sort of lukewarm on a run of the mill LOOGY, and the waste of a roster spot it really is sometimes, is that BK Kim will not have the last roster spot, since he has been traded to Colorado if the Sox pick up $5.6 of the $6 million he is supposed to earn this year. Nice mini-celebration there.
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