Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sneaking one in from work

Not that I actually expect anyone to notice if I dissapear for a few days, but I figure I should give a warning anyways. I'm without internet access for a few days so my posting will be sporadic, if even done at all. I'm currently at work doing my best to block the screen with my shoulder so no one can see what I'm doing!

Tonight was a beautiful night. Sure it was cold, dark, I have to work, and there's snow on the ground, but it couldn't be any better out. I went downstairs to Mike's house and watched the first few innings of the first spring training game of the season. I even got to listen to some of it on the way into work. Hearing Remy and Orsillo's voices and seeing the Sox take the field gave me goosebumps. I have a feeling it will be like that for the next month or so.

Since I don't really have time (I should be doing work after all) I won't waste much energy here. I already talked about my thoughts on our offense, so sometime over the weekend, or maybe on Monday I'll talk about what I think about the pitching.

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