Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Nothing earth shattering at the press conference

Well, there was no earth shattering news revealed at today's press conference about the proposed improvements to Fenway Park. It was pretty much what I was expecting. It was mostly an official announcement that the club has no intention of building another park and will be renovating Fenway. Basically Larry Luchino said several times that the Sox have made some no strings attached commitments to the improvements. So while they'd like for the city of Boston to put some money into renovating the surrounding area and improving the Fenway neighborhoods, they will still go ahead with their modifications to Fenway park. The numbers of seats in Fenway will top out around 39,000. They don't want to add anything that would compromise the intimacy of the park. The other improvement they talked about was the removal of the glass covering the .406 club. They plan on doing that before the 2006 season.

Today's game against the Baltimore Orioles is just starting and it almost looks like Opening Day. David Wells is on the mound and our line-up is pretty much what you're going to see on Opening Day against the Yankees. Baltimore is also throwing most of their starters out there. The game is being televised today.

Speaking of Baltimore, Eric Dubose, a pitcher competing for their fifth spot in the rotation, was pulled over for drunk driving a couple nights ago. When the police officer asked Dubose, whose blood-alcohol level was .113, to say the alphabet backwards his response was "I'm from Alabama, and they have a different alphabet." Needless to say Dubose spent the night in jail.

Aaron Gleeman over at the Hardball times has 3 out of his 5 part series of the top 50 prospects done. Sox shortstop Hanley Ramirez ranks 26th on his list. Gleeman hasn't posted the top 20 yet, but I think we can safely assume that Ramirez is our only prospect on the top fifty. Ramirez did look good this spring and from what I've heard he'll be starting the season in AA Portland. I'm looking forward to his call-up to Pawtucket so I can watch him play once in a while.

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