Thursday, March 24, 2005

News bits o' the day

So how about that David Wells, eh? The Orioles were swinging at everything he threw and hitting it hard as they knocked him around for 11 hits and 6 runs in their rain-shortened 6-1 victory over the Sox. Johnny Damon left during the middle of the game after coming up limping after running down a fly ball. Luckily it was only a cramp and Johnny was fine before he even made it to the dugout. The two teams meet again today with top Sox pitching prospect, Jon Papelbon ready to start the game for the good guys.

Need to lose those extra pounds, but don't really have the motivation? There's always the Fenway Park Diet.

The Baseball Analysts talk about the AL East with Sully from The House that Dewey Built and Cliff Corcoran from Bronx Banter. The article is a bit long as most Baseball Analyst articles have a tendency of being, but three out of four of them predict the Sox will finish tops in the AL East. The only one bucking the trend was Yankee fan Cliff. The main reason why Sully and the other two think the Sox will take it over the Yankees is depth. Both teams are old and injury prone. Both will likely suffer from plenty of missed time. The Yankees are in no way, shape, or form ready to handle the loss of anyone. Their bench is horrid and they have no sixth starter. The Sox, on the other hand, are stacked from the first guy on the team to the twenty-fifth. They have backup plans and the ability to play the game even if a few of their starters go down. That theory definitely makes a lot of sense.

Wade Miller threw to live batters before yesterday's game and said he felt great. If his shoulder still feels good then he'll throw again this weekend. If all goes according to plan Miller will get some pitching done in the minor leagues before making his way to the big league club in early May. If Miller really is back that early and is able to make 25+ starts for the Sox, that would be absolutely fantastic.

Lenny Dinardo and Mark Malaska were sent down to the minors yesterday along with four other players. That doesn't leave too many options for the final two spots on the pitching staff. With Curt Schilling and Wade Miller starting the season on the DL the Red Sox have two spots in the bullpen to fill. One of them will likely be filled by the newest member of the Sox, Blaine Neal. So who gets the final spot on the roster? Could it be that the Red Sox actually plan on playing Byun Hyung Kim?

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