Thursday, March 31, 2005

My 2005 predictions

AL East
1. Boston - Call me a homer, but I like their chances. They have superior depth and offense than the Yanks and a good case can be made that they have a better pitching staff than their rivals.
2. New York - So this is the best team that $200 mil can buy, eh? Color me unimpressed.
3. Baltimore - Sosa will help an already good offense, but they don't have the pitching. Forgive me if you've heard that one a thousand times.
4. Tampa Bay - They're still young and still improving. They'll hit .500 some day.
5. Toronto - Vernon Wells and Roy Halladay better bounce back in a big way to make up for the team's biggest offseason additions being Shea Hillenbrand and Corey Koskie.

AL Central

1. Minnesota - The Twins will win the division and also win the worst division winner award.
2. Cleveland - I'll be pulling for this team, but Kevin Millwood just doesn't cut it. Especially with C.C. Sabathia starting the year on the DL.
3. Chicago - Scott Posednick, eh? This team is going to need a lot of help.
4. Detroi - They're going to make a good run at Chicago. They do have a decent offense and their pitching is improving. If Ordonez can stay healthy all season then I'll give them the nod over the White Sox.
5. KC - Worst team in the majors right here.

AL West

1. Anaheim - It pisses me off that we're going to have to call these guys the LA Angels...but that's besides the point. They're a good all around team with the reigning MVP and a good supporting cast.
2. Oakland - There are two kinds of thoughts about the A's offseason. I'm one of those who likes the moves that Beane made. The pitching won't take as much of a hit as many think. Hudson and Mulder had off years and out of the swarm of youngin's in the rotation at least two should step up to be decent major leaguers this year.
3. Texas - I think they got lucky last year with their playoff run, but they are a young and improving team. They have one of, if not the, best infields in the game. They won't scare Anaheim and Oakland again this year though.
4. Seattle - It's going to take more than Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson to turn this team around. But they will improve. Just like I don't think Texas was that good last year, I don't think Seattle was that bad.

Team that could surprise - Detroit

NL East

1. Atlanta - I've learned my lesson. Never, no matter what happens in the offseason, speak out against Atlanta. With the additions of Kolb and Hudson combined with the fact that Adrew Jones looks like he's primed to have a monster year, the Braves should take the division for another year.
2. Florida - They've had the pitching over the last few years and their offense is getting there too. The addition of Delgado should help Cabrera put up even better numbers.
3. New York - Beltran and Pedro will help, but they won't be enough to get the wild card.
4. Philidalphea - This is always a team that should take the division. But they never do. This year second place will even be too much for them to think about.
5. Washington - Their pitching is underrated but their offense just isn't there. Vinny Castilla can't hit outside of Coors and Christian Guzman is one of those AAAA players that somehow managed to hold on to a starting job all these years. I like the trade for Guillen but after Nick Johnson and Jose Vidro go down with injuries he's going to have to carry the team along with Brad Wilkerson, something neither of them are up to.

NL Central

1. St. Louis - Their line-up is as potent as ever and they added Mark Mulder. This team will once again run away with the division.
2. Chicago - No matter what they tell you, they'll miss Sammy. The injuries to Wood and Prior don't seem as serious as they did last year. I think they can pull a decent season out of their ass.
3. Houston - Clemens won't repeat what he did last year, they lost Kent, they lost Beltran, and Berkman is hurt. Bagwell and Biggio are reaching that point in their careers where they probably get asked by kids if they ever played on the same team as Babe Ruth. This team will be competing to stay ahead out of the second tier of the division, not fighting to win it.
4. Milwaukee - This club is finally starting to come around and will make a run at a winning record for the first time since 1894. They added Carlos Lee to the middle of the line-up Ben Sheets is a Cy Young waiting to happen, and Doug Davis was a great surprise #2 guy. With the crop of kids they have waiting to come up they should do ok this year.
5. Cincinati - They had an exciting first half last year...but all good things must come to and end. They have the deepest outfield in the league when all four are healthy but what can you really say about a team that uses Paul Wilson as an ace?
6. Pittsburg - Worst NL team. At least they have a chance to win every fifth day with Oliver Perez.

NL West

1. San Diego - I think Dave Roberts is overrated, but besides him this is mostly the same team that nearly won 90 games last year. They don't have to hit at home if their pitching staff doesn't let up the runs at home.
2. Los Angelos - I'm one of the many who is not a fan of the moves that Paul DePodesta has made in the last couple of years. Some aren't convinced that Derek Lowe is really that bad, but I'm convinced that he'll be the worst signing of the offseason.
3. San Fransisco - I wasn't convinced that they could do it with Bonds. Without him they don't have shot in hell. Moises Alou had a huge spike in production last year and can not be counted on to do it again. So this team is back to having no real bats besides Bonds. And they don't even have him.
4. Arizona - They're not quite as bad as their 100+ loss season last year suggests, but they're not as good as they think they are with their shiny new thirdbaseman.
5. Colorado - A team relying on so many rookies is destined to fail. I think some of their rookies will produce, but not enough to get them out of the basement.

Team that could surprise - Washington Nationals

ALDS - Boston over Minnesota
Anaheim over New York
ALCS - Boston over Anaheim
NLDS - St. Louis over Florida
San Diego over Atlanta
NLCS - St. Louis over San Diego

World Series - Boston over St. Louis (this time they might last six games)

AL MVP - Manny Ramirez - Yeah, I'm biased. So?
AL Cy Young - Randy Johnson - although I hope I'm wrong and he throws out his back trying to swing at a reporter
AL ROY - Nick Swisher - With Dallas down in the minors with a hurt back the award is Swisher's to lose. He had a horrible, error filled spring, but I think he'll do better as the season goes on.

NL MVP - Albert Pujols - He'll benefit from a Bondless league almost as much as the Dodgers and Padres will.
NL Cy Young - Jason Schmidt - Ben Sheets, Oliver Perez, and Jake Peavy are three youngsters who will be hot on his tail, but I think Schmidt will finally take it this year.
NL ROY - Garrett Atkins - He's not a superstar waiting to happen, but he is a solid hitter playing in Colorado

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