Monday, March 28, 2005

A little news from the weekend

Mostly because of the holiday I missed a day of posting. I apologize to my masses of readers (all three of you) and promise not to ever let it happen again. least not for the next couple of days. What happened in the day that I missed? Well...

The Red Sox roster is currently at 29 players after six were shipped to the minors. With Curt Schilling, Wade Miller, and Adam Stern likely to start the season on the DL that leaves Anastacio Martinez and Byung Hyun Kim to fight over the final spot on the roster. That means that Dave McCarty did indeed make the team. Hurry back Roberto Petagine! I probably would rather see Mark Malaska or Lenny Dinardo make the team, but if I had to choose between Kim and Martinez, I'd go with Kim. Even though the chances don't look very good, there still is that chance that Kim will revert to his pre-Boston days. Since there's not actually anything wrong with him maybe something will just click and Kim will become that dominant reliever that he once was. Or, a bit more likely, the Sox are just showing that they have some confidence in him in hopes that he puts together a decent April and another team will make an offer for him.

On Sunday Tim Wakefield was impressive in a 8-7 win over the Pirates going six strong innings letting up only one run. Kim, Matt Mantie, and Keith Foulke did not look impressive, however, going an inning a piece and giving up the other six runs between them. No worries though. Foulke is still having a much better spring than he did last year, Mantei is still healthy and impressing, and Kim...well...he got the save, that has to count for something, right? I got to watch most of the game, but it was at my family's house. With the volume down, people walking in front of the tv all day, and me having to watch the game across the table around my cousin's fat head so I wasn't able to pay all that much attention. It was a good diversion from the family though.

Marc over at Baseball Rants has linked here a couple of times in the last few days and there are a couple of his posts that I wanted to comment on here. But with the news out of the way I think it's nearly time to hit the sack. Later today look for a post with my thoughts on the future of Hanley Ramirez and possibly my favorite all-time Sox team.

just so you know Brian, if you want to mention this on your blog, I have a Will Carroll interview coming up very soon, I should be speaking with him this afternoon, so if you want to spread the word with me I'd appreciate it, thanks buddy.
You might note in the box score which you cited, in addition to Roberto Petagine going 0 for 3, Josias Manzanillo took the loss, interesting since he's beenn released.

They also seemed to get Adam Hyzdu back from San Diego quiite quickly, since he went 2-4 and played right field.

Could the date on the cited article, 3/05/2005 have anything to do with it?

haha...oops....I think I'll just be deleting that bit of the post now......

Hey, it was late.
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