Sunday, March 13, 2005

Just a few quick links before I run off

The fantasy baseball draft for my main league starts in two hours. I was going to write a post about fantasy baseball, but that idea was getting long. Besides, what if one of my competitors stumbles across this?! I can't have my strategy slipping out. But then again, they should've all figured out my strategy by now. I typically end up with no closers and no speed. Let's see how this draft works out...

David Wells made his spring debut on Saturday. He let up a couple of runs in a couple of innings, but says he feels great and will be more than ready for the regular season. That's good, because with Curt Schilling likely missing opening day, Wells could be our opening day starter.

Bill Mueller and Keith Foulke also made their spring debuts. Mueller already seems to be recovered from his knee surgery. Foulke is feeling even better then he was last year, he just felt that there was no need to rush into spring training.

There's a long article on Matt Clement over here. It mostly talks about Clement's ups and downs over his career. I found it kind of funny that in his rookie season Clement nearly won the pitching triple crown (walks, wild pitches, and hit batsmen). I know Clement is still a bit wild at times and his stuff and mentality has been compared to Derek Lowe which is kind of scary, but I think he'll do fine. He has good stuff and puts up good numbers.

There's also a lot of junk out there about steroids. If anyone reading this is interested in that stuff, find your own damn links. That subject bores the hell out of me and I wish we could just move on.

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