Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Spring!

Baseball fans have known for weeks that winter is over and it's time for spring. Today the rest of the country catches up to us as the calendar flips to the 20th and now, nationwide, it's officially spring. Happy spring everyone! Here in New England we'll be greeted by the new season with a nice slushy mix of rain and snow. That's not some kind of bad omen, is it?

A quick thanks to WhatsYourPoint for correcting my spelling of Dick Radatz. It is probably apparent to anyone that has been to this site more than once, but spelling is not my strong point and I always forgot about that handy spellcheck. I'd at least like to get the player's names right though, especially in a post dedicated to that player.

While Curt Schilling has insisted all along that there's a chance he could still pitch the opener, it became more and more apparent as we got closer to opening day that he wouldn't be starting. Yesterday the decision was made official. Schilling will likely start the season on the DL and will miss at least the first two weeks of the season. David Wells will be the opening day starter and the Sox will go with a four man rotation until April 19th. By then either Schilling will be back or the Sox will have to use a fifth starter, likely John Halama. Matt Clement will be the number two starter and Time Wakefield will be pitching in the home opener on April 11th. This is obviously bad news, but it was expected. Our rotation is a little underwelming without Schilling's presence, but at least we have the best lineup in the game to hold down the fort.

Clement fell to 0-2 for the spring as the Sox were shut out by Baltimore in yesterday's game. Clement pitched three scoreless innings before a string of doubles and singles plated 3 runs, all earned, for the Orioles. Clement lasted 4 innings, struck out 4, and walked only his second batter of the spring. Clements record and ERA may not look all that impressive but his 12/2 K/BB ratio in 13 innings does look pretty damn good. Once the season starts and Clement really turns it on, using all his pitches, he is going to start to look really good. As the season gets closer the Clement signing is starting to become my favorite offseason move.

Quite a few comments on the Cubs blogs that I frequent think that Clement is going to really miss Larry Rothschild. I hope you're right, though. He's not a stud pitcher, but he's still very good as well as a quality person.

Also: I wonder if you've seen this Red Sox blog. The whole "family" of team blogs that this is part of is really well done.

-- thomsirveaux
I've always felt that a pitching coach is typically an excuse. If a guy doesn't perform as well as he should, then it's blamed on the fact that he misses his pitching coach. I just think that unless the pitching is Leo Mazzone, then he probably doesn't affect a major league pitcher too much. They all know what they're doing, right? But then again, maybe that's just me hoping that those Cubs bloggers are wrong..

I've come across the site before, but never really go back to it, mostly because I forget to. I'm going to have to add it to my sidelinks so I remember to check it out more often.
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