Monday, March 21, 2005

Halama sputters, Hyzdu homers, and Byung Hyun Kim is on no one's mind

The Red Sox dropped one to the Pirates yesterday afternoon mostly thanks to John Halama's first inning. He allowed 7 hits and five earned runs in the first before going on to retire the last eight batters he faced. Four relievers went on to go five innings of one hit, two walk ball, but the Pirates already had all the needed. The Sox scored all of their runs on a three run shot by Adam Hyzdu who is doing his best to show that he deserves a roster spot. I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, but I'm all for anyone who isn't David McCarty. I'm not sure why I'm so down on that guy. There are definately worse players in the league. But he's become my least favorite player in a Boston uniform since Jose Awfulman.

There is an article in the Herald talking about Byung Hyun Kim. The article begins by talking about how Kim is a forgotten man. He's not talked about, he's barely even thought about, and no one even mentions the possibility that he'll be a contributer to the 2005 Boston team. That's a pretty good point because with how often I think about baseball, I don't think I've given Kim more than five seconds of thought this spring. The article mostly talks about Kim's history, but it does make it seem like the problems he's having are mostly mental. He's talked about as if he's a headcase, which could be true. He's a loner who wants nothing to do with the team and the club seems to think it's his unhappiness that's causing his problems. Some believe that Kim will be in Colorado or Milwaukee before the season starts, with the SOx eating most of his contract. A similar Herald article in today's paper also talks about Kim. Francona and pitching coach, Dave Wallace were both impressed with Kim's pitching, but Doug Mirabelli has plenty to say about how bad of a teammate Kim is. Mirabelli really digs into Kim and his refusal to communicate with anyone. Epstein says that he doesn't regret traded away Shea Hillenbrand to get Kim and I agree. Kim did have a decent half year with us even if he wasn't effective in save situations. On the other side of the deal, Hillenbrand is a marginal player, at best. With his inability to draw a walk, he's the opposite of what the Sox are looking for. Besides that, with him gone it gave Bill Mueller a chance to play every day. And with the sesaon Mueller had in 2003, we wanted him out there every day. What Epstein does regret is giving Kim a two year, $10 million deal. Personally, I liked the deal at the time. Who knew that Kim would lose 8 mph and all the movement on his pitches. But hindsight is 20/20. At least the Sox are done with him after this year.

At the risk of sounding hokey, I wish I could be as passionate about ANYTHING as you are about the Red Sox.
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