Friday, March 18, 2005

A good bye to Dick Radatz

Thanks to yesterday's rainout and every single bit of baseball coverage for the day being about the 'S' word, there is really no news going on around baseball. The only exception to this is the passing of former Sox pitcher Dick Radatz. I wish I could say something to honor the former player, but honestly, I had never heard of him until his death. He was a player in the 60's, far before my time. What I do know is that his death has saddened many in Red Sox Nation and when one Nation member is down, we all are. So I sent my sympathies to his surving family and hope he has a good time in the big Fenway in the sky.

Brian, Is it nitpicking to note that you have spelled his name wrong? It's "Radatz", R-A-D-A-T-Z, not Raditz.

Rest in peace, Dick Radatz.
Whoops....Spelling is definately my weak point. But thank you for letting me know. It's corrected now.
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