Thursday, March 31, 2005

A few updates to the site

I added a few things to the sidebar. I plan on keeping track of the standings on a daily basis and I will be the only idiot in town keeping tabs on the MVP and Cy Young race (from my point of view) from day one. I'm also going to add a few player bits on the bottom of the sidebar when I have time. I'm thinking of keeping track of Manny's climb up the career HR leaderboard among a few other things. If anyone has any ideas on what I should keep track of, let me know. I've always liked the idea of tracking things on the sidebar ever since I saw The House that Dewey Built doing it last year. I also added a few new links on the side.

So this post wasn't a complete waste of time, one of the sites I recently added to my list of links talked about how the Byung Hyun Kim re-signing wasn't the worst signing that Theo made. Going by VORP per dollar, Ramiro Mendoza was actually a worse buy.

One of the other new links I added, Bullshit Memorial Stadium is embarking on a year long project that I'm going to enjoy following. Every Wednesy he plans on taking a look at Brandon Moss and his progress throughout the year. Every Tuesday he plans on checking in on Jon Papelbon. Stop in now to find out everything you wanted to know from every available online source about the duo.

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