Saturday, March 26, 2005

A few bits of news before I head to bed

Ya know what pisses me off? The first sentence of the Globe's article Curt Schilling will pitch Opening Day. But don't get excited. He'll be pitching the opender for the Paw Sox against the Indianapolis Indians in Indianapolis. What a way to get my hopes up! I mean, I've known for a while that Schilling won't pitch the opener, but when you see in print that he will, it gets you excited! Phooey. Still, the article is good news. Schilling will likely make two minor league starts before pitching in the Pawtucket home opener on April 7th. It's quite possible that he could be pitching for Boston on April 13th against the New York Yankees.

This article mentions a few newsworth points such as a quote by Manny Ramirez. Manny talking about his spot in the line up; "I'm getting old, man. I'm just trying to have a good four years and move on. Third, fourth, wherever they put me, I'm going to be fine, man." Am I reading between the lines too much or did he just say he wants out of Boston?

Another bit of news is that Francona is thinking of switching up the lineup. Trot Nixon could be spending a lot of time in the same spot he batted in in yesterday's game, the second spot. Kevin Millar and Edgar Renteria are going to find themselves moving back and forth in the fifth and sixth spot. In a way I like the move. Nixon gets on base a lot more than Renteria so I like him batting second. What I don't think I like is Renteria batting fifth. Renteria slugged .401 last year, a whole one point above his career average of .400. What the hell is a guy like that doing batting directly behind two onbase machines? I realize that the Red Sox are paying this guy $40 million and want him to feel important, but on this team Renteria bats eigth, maybe seventh. If he somehow manages to find the bat he had in 2003, bat him second. But he's not a middle of the line up guy.

In bits of good news, Matt Clement, bumped from yesterday's starting spot by Curt Schilling, pitched to the Baltimore Orioles AAA team. Clement struck out 8 in 5 innings and once again he did not walk a batter. The idea of Matt Clement being able to find the plate during the season as often as he's done in the spring makes me positively giddy. Jay Payton did not strike out 8 men yesterday, a tough thing for any right fielder to do, but his news was just as good. The hand he was hit on by Orioles starter Daniel Cabrera is not seriously hurt and Payton will begin swinging a bat again today.

Skating at Fenway Park???? Could be. The team plans on looking into the idea of installing a ice rink for public skating and college hockey during the offseason. If that doesn't damage the field, I'm all for that idea. I think that'd be a great place to go skating and a good way to keep the business in the area going year round. The Fleet Skating Rink is a beautiful place to skate in downtown Providence and it's nearly always packed on the weekends. There's no better view in the world that the inside of Fenway Park and the year round draw is part of the Red SOx plan to improve the area.

I use to like Nixon in the 3 hole, pre-David Ortiz...imagine that now, pushing Ortiz to the 5 spot? Depth scares me, but I'll embrace it for the good of the team lol.
Manny isn't talking about wanting out of Boston, he's talking about wanting out of baseball when his current contract is up. He's talked about this before and this off-season he was building a house in Brazil or Argentina.

I would love to skate in Fenway, but I dislike the idea because I can't imagine it would be good for the field and it would probably make it even tougher to upgrade and renovate the park.
Nixon batting third would be nice too. Kevin Millar isn't really good enough to bat fifth, so it'd be nice to see him dropped down a spot.
Ohhh...Ok, I think I've heard about that before.

If it's a bad idea for the field, I don't think they'll do it. It mentions in the article that they want to study how it will affect the field first.
Hey Brian I posted my favorite Sox team comprised of players from 1993-2004 on it. I think it'd be cool if you checked it out and commented or did the same on your site, just to compare and contrast.
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