Thursday, March 31, 2005

Details on the Kim trade

The trade that I reported earlier was a bit off. I announced it before it was official and the Sox are actually getting two different players rather than one 26 year old "prospect". The final deal for Byung Hyun Kim has been announced and the Red Sox will actually be getting Charles Johnson and Chris Narveson. Charles Johnson was promptly released. The Sox will be paying most of Kim's salary while the Rockies will be paying most of Johnson's.

I don't get this deal. John Sickles of Minor League Ball fame calls Narveson a B- prospect. Baseball Prospectus isn't as kind calling him a C level prospect. He's 23 and still has time to improve, but to me it looks like we're going to be paying $6 million for a guy to put up a 3.80 ERA in Pawtucket. The Johnson part of the deal is even more confusing...if the Rockies are paying him anyways then why was he even involved in the deal? Why didn't they just release him themselves? Maybe I just don't get something about the deal, but it doesn't look like all that great of a deal to me.

I feel like a broken record when I post a link about one of Matt Clement's games but with each time he pitches I get more and more excited. He went another five innings in yesterday's 6-4 win over the Devil Rays. Once again Clement did not walk a batter. The major knock on Clement has always been his control. If he has that problem under wraps then there will be no stopping the man. Most of the Red Sox runs came on a two run shot by Jason Varitek and a three run shot by Kevin Youkilis. Matt Mantei picked up the win despite going only one inning and allowing a home run to Josh Phelps.

Only three more days, folks. We're nearly there. Later on today look for my 2005 predictions. Tomorrow stay tuned for comments from several Red Sox bloggers out there who took time to answer some questions I asked. On Saturday I plan on giving my take of the 2004 season. Then Sunday? Sunday we PLAY BALL!

We're NOT paying BK's salary and COL included cash to make up the difference between them. Essentially: we were stuck with Kim's contract now we're stuck with CJ's (for the same value) and we get a minor prospect (though less minor than Young)...AND we clear Mike Myers' a roster spot.
But when you get down to it, Colorado sent us some cash so we're only responsible for $6 million of CJ's $9 mil. So we're paying $6 million. The check won't be written out to Kim, but it will still be $6.
sho nuff. But we turned 6 million for nothing into 6 million for a figure slightly larger than nothing.
Kim was a little more than nothing though. There was still a chance that he could have produced. I mean I'm not convinced and I wanted him gone, but there was still that chance. I just hoped they'd get a little bit more for him. It was a foolish hope, of course, but it was a hope!

I suppose the deal wasn't bad when you consider that now we can have 11 useful arms.

I still don't get the CJ part of the deal though. If we're going to pay $6 mil and they're going to pay $9 mil either way...then why was he even sent over to us?
It was a case of going through each other's junk pile. They needed to get rid of CJ, we needed to get rid of BK. No one else was going to give us anything of value for him. So we swap bad contracts and they give us an arm for our troubles.

If we don't take CJ we STILL pay the $6M and we get a much lesser prospect. They were going to have to pay the $9M anyway, but instead of releasing him and eating it they get an arm.

I don't like it because BK is still usfeul in my eyes, but I don;t get a vote.
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