Friday, March 04, 2005

Cruisin' through spring training

The only thing missing from this article is a quote about how Boston fans liked losing. That kind of quote would make it 100% idiocy instead of just the 90% level it's at already.

"Yeah, hopefully. But whatever, it does mean that life in New England, as we used to know it, actually HAS come to an end."

No, it hasn't. Life in New England has changed a bit, sure. Sox fans will be a little more laid back. As long as the Sox have a good year this year, an entertaining year, we won't mind if they don't go all the way. But life has not come to an end.

""Now," says first baseman David McCarty, "it's almost like they don't want this season to START."

Not only are these people stuck in a moment and they can't get out of it -- they don't WANT to get out of it.

They'd much rather hold onto a moment they waited for all their lives than move on to the next moment -- because how can that moment possibly feel as good as THIS? "

I don't know of a single Sox fan, ANYWHERE, that doesn't want the season to start. I don't know what the hell McCarty is thinking, but I, as well as everyone else, want this season to start now. I'm looking forward to this season more then any other Sox season I've been a part of.

Stuff like that makes me want to smack Jayson Stark. Not to mention the asshole called Johnny Damon a teenybopper idol. I just despise how the national media thinks of Sox fans. We're still going to be passionate fans. We're still going to live and die with the team. We still want nothing more than for them to win the World Series again. We still love baseball season and can't wait for it to start.

You've probably all already saw the pictures of the Sox at the White House. Here is the article about it on ESPN.

The Sox won the pre-season opener against the Twins, but they kicked some ass in their second game against North Eastern. Wakefield and Halama pitched two perfect innings a piece and three other Sox pitchers threw a no hit inning to combine for a five pitcher no hit game. Only a walk issued in the last inning of the game stopped it from being a perfect game. The offense was just as impressive as the pitching. McCarty lead a 17 run attack with a 3 hit game. Manny, Damon, Ortiz, and a few other Sox players made their spring debut. Sure, the game was only against college kids, but you gotta love seeing a score like that in our favor.

In ex-Sox news, Gabe Kapler is off to a good start, hitting a homerun in his first preseason at bat over in Japan.

I think McCarty just doesn't want the season to start because he should be out of a job.
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