Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A couple of Hardball Times articles

The Sox sent several players to the minors oday. They were the first wave of guys cut from spring training. In fact, most major league teams sent down several players today. If you want a full list of the players who were sent down to the minors, check out The Hardball Times and their daily news round-up. The Sox are bullet point number four.

While I'm linking to the Hardball Times, a writer over there, Ben Jacobs, ranked all 30 major league teams based on how much they improved in the offseason in an article here. He listed the Sox as the number 2 most improved team in baseball, right behind the Mets. I'm not sure if I'd personally put the Sox that high. The Mariners and Diamondbacks both managed to improve a lot. But it's nice to see someone thinking that highly of the moves the Sox made. He makes a couple of points that I like and that I've said before. "However, the Red Sox are not the A's" and "The Red Sox find bargains so that they can afford players who aren't bargains". He's talking, of course, about the Sox overpaying for Jason Varitek and Edgar Renteria. Everyone knows that both of those guys are overpaid, but they're good players and the Red Sox can afford it. While I still think that the Sox would have been better off keeping Orlando Cabrera, a player who is nearly Renteria's equal, for a couple million less, I don't mind the signing of Renteria at all. And signing Varitek was necessary. The club had a very good offseason.

In other news, Bronson Arroyo looked good as the Sox broke their five game losing streak today.

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