Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A boring spring training works for me

This article speaks the truth (except for that bullshit comment about a basketball team actually being more entertaining). This year the Sox spring training has been boring. I was just talking with my friend Kellen about it. Nothing is happening this year. The injured players are ahead of schedule. No one is whining about a contract extension. There are no fights, no distractions, nothing for the media to talk about. It's all so...boring. And as a Red Sox fan, I love it. It will be a great year, being able to focus on baseball. Sox fans won't have to focus on curses, injuries, Pedro mouthing off, or any other distractions. This year it's going to be all about baseball.

In more good news, Wade Miller says the he'll be ready for opening day. Things just keep getting better and better this year.

Right field - Right field was a weak spot for the Sox in '04. With Trot Nixon hurt for the bulk of the year the Sox were forced to rely mainly on Gabe Kapler. This year right field should be the biggest improved area for the Red Sox. A full year of Nixon and the offense that he is capable of beats the hell out of Gabe Kapler and whoever else the Sox could throw out there. Kapler put up .272/.311/.390 numbers over 290 at bats. In the 149 at bats that Nixon managed to get he had a .315/.377/.510 line, similar to his breakout 2003 year. Numbers like that coming from the sixth spot in the line up will be a big boost to the team.

It's not so much that it's boring, I think there's been about the same amount on news you'd normally get. I think it's more that all the news we're getting is good. Because there's no controversy and negativity it just feels more laid back and less to talk about. And like you I love it.
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