Sunday, March 06, 2005

The bar

One thing I missed during the offseason is watching the game while at the bar. This weekend I got to watch some of the Reds/Red Sox game. My full attention wasn't on it, of course, and I didn't get to watch all of it. I still don't even know who won. But it was nice that it was there. Some time during the sixth inning of the game a member of the group suggests we drive to Boston. You gotta love the closeness of New England where you can start drinking in Providence and wake up in the next morning in Boston.

I heard the name Anibal Sanchez during the game. He's someone that I hadn't heard before. I checked up on his stats and he might be someone to watch in the next couple of years. He was the Lowell pitcher of the year last year for the Sox A-level team and according to he has a fantastic curveball and plus changeup to go with a mid-90s that he throws with excellent control and good movement. The 21 year old has a very high ceiling and his 101/29 k/bb ratio speaks of good things to come. He didn't exactly do good on Saturday letting up a homerun followed by 9 straight balls. But no one is expecting him to impress this year.


This article is by John Sickels, and rates the Sox top 20 prospects. He worked with Bill James and used to write the minor league column for He rates Sanchez as the fourth best prospect in the system and a B prospect overall.
Ya know, as soon as I posted that post, I saw that article you linked me to. I've been reading Minor League Ball and I've been waiting to get a look at the Sox top guys. Papelbon and Lester I've heard of as our top two, but Sanchez was a new one to me.
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