Tuesday, March 22, 2005

At least we're not those other guys...

A bit off topic, but Barry Bonds might miss the entire season. I'm not the biggest Barry hater in the world, but I really can't stand the guy. I don't care about the steroids, but his attitude, demeanor, and how often he plays the Race Card piss me off to no end. I don't wish any additional harm on the guy, but it brought a smile to my face to see that he won't be around this year. And since Bonds pretty much is the entire Giants team, I think you can pencil them in for the bottom half of the NL West. They'll likely still beat the Rockies, but the Dodgers and the Padres will be beating up on them all year. Peter Gammons still thinks the Giants can compete, but I really can't see how.

The Red Sox have been really lucky so far this year. Curt Schilling will miss the first couple weeks of the year, but we've been prepared for that for a while. Wade Miller will start the year on the DL, but we knew that when we signed him. Imagine being a Giants fan and with the above mentioned news, your entire season just went down the tubes. Or being a Cubs fan and for the second straight year having injury issues with Wood, Prior, and their closer, Borowski. Things are looking good so far for the 2005 Sox, knock on wood.

I'd like to add something to the sidebar. Some kind of running statistic that I can keep going through the season. The House that Dewey Built, one of the blogs that got me into thinking that I needed my own, had a few different things going on on their sidebar last year. They had a walk count for Bellhorn and Youk and a trade comparison tracking how Cabrera and Nomar did over the course of the season. I think, once the season starts, I'll at least start keeping track of the standings over there. And I have a couple of other ideas to spruce it up a bit. But those will wait a week and a half for the season to start. Yeah. That's right. Just a week and a half left!

And just a quick reminder, tonight's game against the Reds at 6:05 will be televised on NESN.

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