Tuesday, March 29, 2005

all-time favorite Sox team

The guys at Baseball Rants posted their all-time favorite Sox team and Marc was interested in seeing what I'd come up with for my team. So I took a little trip down memory lane and made up a team of my favorite former Sox players. THe pitching staff is a little thin. For some reason I was never into pitchers growing up. I didn't include members of the current Red Sox team because of the typical "what have you done for me lately" baseball mentality. I didn't want my list dominated by guys that just won my team a World Series so I left them out completely. Most of the guys on last year's team, however, would have a place on this list.

Before I show my list of all-time favorites, Marc wanted me to let you guys know that he has an interview with Will Carrol up on his site. So stop by and check it out.

C Jim Leyritz - He's known more as a Yankee than a Red Sox player so this might sap some of my Sox credibility, but I liked this guy. I think it's because he was on a couple of my winning fantasy teams as a kid. His Red Sox career was pretty forgetable, but I won't forget.

1B Mo Vauhgn - He was big. He was intimidating. He did tons for the community. And he knocked the snot out of the ball. He was the 90's version of David Ortiz and the combination of him and Nomar always seemed so devastating. If he hadn't been chased out of town by our former crackpot GM I think he would've went on to have a hall of fame career.

2B Phil Plantier - Nah, he never played a game of second base in his life. He probably didn't even sniff the infield when he was in little league. But we've gone through so many second basemen through the years that I never really got attached to any of them and I needed to fit Plantier in here somewhere. Why do I need to fit him in? Because I once owned a Phil Plantier autographed ball. My brother and I held on to that dearly thinking that one day we'd sell it and become rich. Once it became pretty clear that the guy was a bum we used it to play with. But I still have those fond memories.

3B Wade Boggs - He was a bit of a prick, not much of a team player, one OCDish bastard, and went on to play for the Yankees, but growing up he was number one in my books. His statistics amazed me. His ability to get on base was applauded even before getting on base became the cool thing to do. To me he symbalized the Red Sox before he went on to the bad guys.

SS Nomar Garciaparra - Maybe I'm the only one left in Red Sox Nation that still likes the guy after last year's fiasco, but I do still like him. Behind Pedro he was my favorite Sox player for a while. Hell, the guys at work still call me Nomah, but mostly only to mock my softball skillz.

LF Ricky Henderson - This might be cheating a bit because I didn't care that the guy was on our team. He was way too far past his prime when he was with us. But watching him play before he made it to us was fun. There has never been a guy like Ricky and there never will be another guy like Ricky. He was the best leadoff hitter of all time and could do things that no one else can do. Not to mention he gave some pretty damn good quotes.

CF Carl Everett - Most considered the guy to be a cancer in the clubhouse. And he was pretty much a bust once he got to the Sox. I don't give a damn how he's playing now or where he is. He makes this list for one simple reason. He doesn't believe in dinosaurs. And that amuses the hell out of me. His attitude was a problem, but sometimes it was fun to watch.

RF Tom Brunansky - Bruno was the type of guy that you could picture having a beer with at the local bar. Of course when I was 12 that's not what I was picturing, but you get the idea. His '91 and '92 seasons were so horrible but I, for some unknown reason, thought of him as a superstar slugger. I sure was a stupid kid.

DH Brian Daubach - I don't have a hard-on for the guy like many Sox fans seem to have. I swear they talked more about that guy in Faith than they did any active Red Sox player. But he was the most consistantly unconsistant guy you'll ever see play. He went through amazing hot streaks and agonizing cold streaks, but always finished the season with the same numbers. He was a nice, blue collar guy and his beard styles were much better than some of the hair styles we have going on this year and last.

C - Mike Macfarlane - I liked Mac for the same reason I liked Leyritz. He helped me win a championship. Fantasy baseball influenced a lot of my player loyalties in my early teenage years.

IF John Valentine - I think everyone loved this guy. I'm not sure what it is about him. His fantastic '95 season made you think that the guy could do anything even if that was a career year.

IF Scott Cooper - Why? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it was because he was taking over for Wade Boggs and I, for some reason, thought he could fill his shoes. But I rooted for this guy and wanted nothing more than for him to suceed.

OF Troy O'Leary - He was a big part of the reason why we made the playoffs in '99. I still remember several times when Nomar was intentially walked just to get to Troy...and then he'd put the ball over the wall. He had a mediocre career, at best, but in 1999 he helped carry the team.

OF Mike Greenwell - His rookie card was one of my prized possessions growing up. It probably was never worth a dime, but I liked it anyways simply because he was Mike Greenwell. He had the porn mustache back before I knew what a porn mustache was. He had his best year in '88 before I even followed the game, but I knew about that season. And I always hoped for a repeat.

SP Pedro Martinez - Hell, I dedicated a site to the fact that this guy is god. Sure, his big mouth got tiresome after a while, but how can you not like a guy who is so far above mortal human beings pitching for your team?

SP Roger Clemens - I'm glad the guy left the Yankees so I can cheer for him again.

SP Aaron Sele - Like every Red Sox fan out there we knew he was so close to getting everything together and becoming our #2 starter. And also like every Red Sox fan he pissed me off once he put it together...as soon as he left the Sox. But I was always rooting for that guy to get his shit together.

SP Frank Viola - According to my father this guy was going to lead us to a string of championships. He was our missing piece. So I always got excited when it was his turn to take the mound. He had a couple of decent seasons with us, but...well...obviously no rings. So much for that idea.

RP Jeff Reardon - I liked this guy for one reason, and one reason only. I had his rookie card. For that brief moment that he held the all-time saves lead I thought I was going to be a rich man. That card probably isn't worth the cardboard it's printed on now.

RP Ken Ryan - There was a time when I thought this guy was going to be our closer for the next fifteen years. I don't remember much about him, only that I thought he was the next big thing. I only found out later that apparently he was a local boy.

RP Rich Garces - EL GUAPO!!

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