Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Yankees should hand them the rings from their knees

Fuck that. Fuck that in so many ways. A degree of decorum and respect??? Postponing the World Series ceremony so the Yankees don't feel like we're rubbing it in their faces is the dumbest thing in the world. First of all, it's not like they went out of their way to schedule the ceremony when the Yankees were in town. The ceremony was scheduled on the Red Sox home opener, just like every other World Series ring ceremony and it just so happens that the Yankees are in town. Second of all, if the situation was reversed, do you think that the Yankees would even give it a thought? Of course not! They'd go right on presenting those rings right under the Boston's nose. It blows my mind to think that someone in the Red Sox front office actually came up with this idea and that it was actually well received. I'm just glad that most of the media (WEEI DJs, Around the Horn guys, PTI guys, etc.) find the idea as bad as I do.

The biggest thing that I don't like about this rivalry is the notion of "class". I've heard for years that the Yankees are just bursting with class, while the Red Sox? Well, they have absolutely none at all, of course. I really can't see it. I can't see what makes the Yankees classy. Is it because they're boring? The way that they never seem to have anything fun, do anything fun, or be anything more than boring? If that's what you think class is, why the hell would the Yankees be proud of that? I really think that too much is made out of this "class" bullshit. Because, really, when it comes down to it, that's all it is...bullshit. And it's that bullshit that's causing the Red Sox to pull a stupid stunt like not presenting the rings in front of the Yankees. They want to show that they have "class" too.

Baseball is not a gentleman's game. From the days of Babe Ruth boozing it up to the days of Ty Cobb drop-kicking second basemen all the way up to the days of Barry Bonds being a prick and Kevin Millar doing shots before play off games. Baseball has never been a gentleman's game. Baseball is not about class. It's not about having a superior attitude. It's not about politeness, respectability, being the better man...none of that. Baseball is a competition. Do people even know what competition is these days? Two teams go into a game. One comes out on top, the winner. We cheer them. We celebrate them. One team comes out a loser. We laugh at them. We point at them and tell them how much they suck. Why? BECAUSE THEY DO SUCK! They lost! At the beginning of the season 30 teams go in, one comes out. One team won the competition. One team has bragging rights, respectability, and the ability to call themselves champions. 29 other teams lost. It doesn't matter if it's Arizona losing 158 games or if it's the Yankees for executing the biggest choke in baseball history or anyone in between. They all lost.

I want to see the Red Sox present the World Series rings on their home opener. I want to see 35,000 people cheer their heads off with each ring presented. I want to see the place absolutely explode when the Red Sox take the field. And I want to see 35,000 chant "YANKEES SUCK" the second the Yankees take the field. Does that make me a bad person? Does that make me less classy? Good.

yankees are jealios of the redsox , the yankees don't have the upper hand and now they lost their power and i have been a redsox fan since 5yrs old, so move over yankies and bow to the redsox . GO REDSOX 2005.
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