Saturday, February 12, 2005

State of the (Red Sox) Nation

News from the Nation over the last few days...

Five days until pitchers and catchers. Five. That's it. Less than a week. We can make it. Yesterday was Truck Day. As we speak the equipment trucks are chugging along on their way to Fort Myers.

Planning a trip to Cooperstown? Now you'll be able to see Curt Schilling's bloody sock. It's sad that in February, that counts as news.

Derek Lowe has a few things to say about his former team. "How do I want to be remembered in Boston? Two or three years from now, nobody will remember my numbers, but they will remember what I did in the playoffs." I don't know about you, but I'm going to remember shaking in my seat, sweating bullets, every time they actually put that guy on the mound in the 2004 playoffs. He somehow managed to pull a damn good performance out of his ass to win all three clinching series games, and I will remember that. But I will also remember cringing every time I saw him take the mound the last couple of years.

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