Wednesday, February 16, 2005

News from Pitchers and Catchers Eve

Trot Nixon has been in the news a bit in the last couple of days. On Tuesday he had a few things to say about Alex Rodriguez.

"Like Rodriguez says," Nixon said, "he's running stairs at 6 in the morning while I'm sleeping and taking my kids to school. I'm like, well I'm not a deadbeat dad, Alex."

On Nov. 18, Rodriguez's wife gave birth to a daughter.

"He's got a kid now, too, so I guess he'll have his limo driver take her to school," Nixon said.

Definately my favorite part of the article. An on-the-field rivalry between the Yankees and the Sox is a great thing, but I love when it carries over off the feild. I'm making a prediction right now. First time Nixon slides into third against the Yankees he's going to dropkick A-Rod.

Nixon has also been getting in shape focusing more on flexibility and agility in order to help stay healthy. He's lost 14 pounds and says that he feels great. The Sox need a healthy Nixon to repeat this year. I like Jay Payton over Gabe Kapler, but I'd still love to see Nixon batting fifth or sixth. It just makes the line up that much more impressive.

The Sox made a couple of moves on Tuesday. Neither should make that much of an impact. Denney Tomori will likely only make the team if a couple of guys (Matt Mantei, Wade Miller?) aren't healthy and at the age of 37 he doesn't have many chances left. Alejandro Machado, acquired for a player to be named and cash is already working for his fifth organization and he's only 22. That's probably all we need to know about him. He seems to have decent on base skills and a little speed, but there's absolutely no power in his bat.

I can't find an article online (it will likely be in Wednesday's papers), but I heard a Terry Francona interview on Sports Center. Apparently he was talking with WEEI when he was rear-ended. It was only a minor accident and no one was hurt. The last thing he told the DJ before he hung up? The guy that hit him was a Yankees fan. The car had Yankee decals on it. I'd love to hear more stories like this. I wonder how many Red Sox and Yankee fans have collided before. I know I've accidently hit two parked cars. Both cars belonged to Yankee fans.

I hit a parked Yankee fan car before as well. The guy was cool about it, but I wonder if he would have been if I had worn my Yankees Suck shirt that day like I wanted to.
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