Monday, February 21, 2005

It appears as if Wade Miller will be starting the season on the DL, which we all pretty much expected. The article doesn't talk about him very much, but it looks like his arm strength is there and he may not be too far behind.

The same article also has a few words on Byung-Hyun Kim, but it doesn't actually say anything of any importance. This fluff piece mentiosn him, but says nothing of any importance. To this point I still haven't heard anything on Kim, good or bad. To me, that's not a good thing. If the guy was showing the arm that he had a couple of years ago, I think that news would be all over the place. To me the silence is a good indication that, if he's even with the team come opening day, he'll be on mop up duty.

The only news I can find about Matt Mantei is him becoming the next Sox player to take a shot at the Yankees. Some may call the recent Sox attacks on the Yankees and A-Rod immature and un-"classy", but I think they're pretty amusing. Sure, it's pretty much grade school talk between two kids at recess, but it's entertaining. Plenty of people in the media and in the blogworld think that enough is enough...but I think that this stuff should just keep on coming.

The news is still the same about Curt Schilling. They're not rushing him, but he still wants to be ready for opening day. But if he doesn't start on Opening Day, who does? Every year baseball folk lean more and more towards the arguement that it really doesn't matter what the pitching rotation is and it really doesn't matter who opens the season. I tend to agree. Most teams give the opening day start as a reward to a team leader or veteran that's been around for a while. That's why if Schilling isn't ready to open the season, my vote goes to Tim Wakefield. The guy has been on the team longer then anyone else and this could, quite possibly be, his last year here.

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