Thursday, February 10, 2005

Countdown = 7

With the Superbowl done with there is nothing standing in our way. It's just seven days until pitchers and catchers report. That is just one short week before we can finally stop waiting and begin celebrating. In honor of such a joyous time, I have decided to create this blog.

There are actually several reasons behind this blog :

What can you expect here? Well, I am a Sox fan first, baseball fan second. I would push my own mother down a flight of stairs if the Sox could somehow get a win out of it. But I am still a fan of baseball. I don't get a chance to watch too many games because I work nights, but I watch all I can and watch SportsCenter on repeat until I go to bed after work. I'm a huge fan of the numbers of the game. Because I don't get to see much, a lot of times I rely on the numbers to give me a picture of the game. The box scores, the stats, the totals...all of it interests me. From the old reliables like HR's and SV's to the newly created ones like BABIP and K/9.

In this blog I hope to recap the Red Sox season while throwing in some random notes about the game in general. Trade talk, stat talk, game talk, player talk. I hope to touch it all.

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